The Most Revolutionary Discovery : MEIMA

Sintyl Laboratories have established over 25 years of research and development in the Skin care industry in Switzerland. They are renowned for their experience throughout Europe with their selection of natural ingredients combined with modern science. They have developed a revolutionary and successful new method in esthetics : the MEIMA technology.

MEIMA for individual Micro-Encapsulation of Multi-Active Ingredients for programmed diffusion of the active ingredients into the skin. Micro-encapsulation of selected natural ingredients and plant extracts with the highest quality of essential oils for an optimum result.

Never before has it been possible to encapsulate such high concentration of synergies of essential oils into sphingolipids. This will allow several elements to work individually in one capsule without working against one another or even neutralizing each other. This newly discovered molecule offers much greater results and more specific treatments. No other company in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry has this technology. The active ingredients are diffused in different times within the tissue and release where the cells of the skin need it.

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