Esthétique Sylvie Lafrance specializes in personalised and effective skin care services. Situated in a beautiful country setting near the Larose Forest, it is the ideal location to enjoy some relaxing downtime and enjoy the warmth of the woodstove while sipping a cup of herbal tea.


With over 30 years of experience as an esthetician, Sylvie Lafrance has evolved into two new roles:  a networking guru and a life coach.  Starting when she was 15, she loved doing her friends make-up and knew that she wanted to become an esthetician.

Having graduated from the Versailles Academy in 1985, Sylvie has poured her energy and her time into studying everything that she is passionate about.  With ten years of experience as a professional esthetician, her entrepreneurial instinct led her to open her own business: Esthétique Sylvie Lafrance.   Her mission: to educate people about skin care, especially facial care, and to offer completes skin care services in a soothing natural setting.  With this in mind, every treatment begins with a personal consultation in order to assess the needs of every individual client.

When it comes to learning and growing, distance is never an obstacle   Sylvie’s experience includes two esthetics conventions in Paris, an internship at the Nelly de Vuyst Institute in Belgium with cosmetology experts, various trainings with author, educator and Director of Education for Europe Cosmétiques, Manon Pilon, as well as hot stone massage and other specialized training with regards to advanced skin care.

In addition to her professional training and activities, Sylvie remains very involved in the community.  She is an active participant in a number of organizations such as the Club Optimiste of St-Albert that she presided in 2003 and 205, BNII Aux Quat’Coins since 1997, FADER, and as Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce ESTIC from 2010 to 2012.

Her knowledge and her passion for positive change allowed her to pursue another dream of hers which was to become a life coach.  Having trained at the Coach for Life Institute, she is now a Certified Professional Life Coach (ACC), a title of which she is very proud and that has allowed her to train other women working in the field of esthetics and well-being.  She also offers her Coaching services to estheticians who want to play a positive role in their clients’ lives and help those searching to connect with their unlimited possibilities.

Experienced speaker and author, she is currently developing coaching workshops for women who want to establish a balance in their lives and allow them to explore their passions further.  The power of networking holds a very special place in her experience, and she explores this, and many other themes, during her workshops.  In addition, her coaching model that is entitled Beautiful Soul Connecting to Its Possibilities is a tool that will certainly inspire you.